Praise from Educators

All responses are genuine and un-coached.  Evaluation forms are kept on file for more complete information.

About ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

“I thought the performance was wonderful! The actors were amazing, making the Shakespearean language easy understood through their actions. I was not sure how it would work with the actors playing several roles, but they definitely pulled it off! The set was simple but effective. The students enjoyed the question and answer period following the play.”

Faculty, Nashua Christian Academy

The actors were skilled. My students especially loved Puck’s energy. The simplicity of the set was good for them to see. Their imagination had to do most of the creating- and it did! My students were spellbound!”

Faculty, Whiting Hill School

“The actors provided interesting interpretations of the characters, making the play as accessible as I’ve ever seen it. The students enjoyed the choices made. I loved the play! I liked the simple but dynamic set. It was perfect for student accessibility, The costumes made the different characters played by the same actors clearly delineated.”

Faculty, Farmington High School

About Hamlet

Gravedigger holding skull from Hamlet 2005, photo by Grinell Talbot Photography
Hamlet 2005, photo by Grinell Talbot Photography

“Thank you for a wonderful experience yet again! The performance was marvelous; the kids left the theatre talking about it and the conversations continued today (Monday) in school. They were thrilled to have the opportunity to see Hamlet on stage. It’s an experience that the kids – and myself- will never forget. Bravo!”

Faculty, Lowell High School

“I was quite impressed with the script editing and direction.
Beautiful set and the lighting was fun particularly in the ghost scenes…lighting transitions were very smooth.
The project management was SUPERB. Wow. Thank you so much for having invited us.”

Faculty, Concord High School

“I thought the play was excellent! The acting was really top-notch- even the secondary characters were exceptionally strong. Definitely the best performance I’ve seen so far. Bravo!”

Faculty, Raymond High School

“The acting and directing were great! It really was a wonderful production. The cast worked well together. The students really enjoyed the play and had a great time.
The costumes were great. The lighting really helped the students understand the tone of the scene.”
“Great! Great! Our experience was enjoyable.”

Faculty, Manchester West High School

“I loved the acting of Hamlet, Ophelia, and Polonius. Excellent.”

Faculty, Pittsfield High School

“We found your choices regarding script editing interesting and creative. The acting was quite good, Ophelia and Hamlet were especially strong. The kids really appreciated both. Everything went smoothly.”

Faculty, Manchester Central High School

“I wanted to tell you how sensational the performance was last night. The fellow who played Hamlet was outstanding. It was such an unusual performance: he brought out so much of the humor in the play, and there were scenes, where I had known the dialogue for years, in which I got more insight than any previous production. Really, I kept having these moments of thinking, ‘Oh, THAT’S what that dialogue is about; yeah, that makes sense.’ You can’t ask for more than that. Congratulations on the production.”

Faculty, Saint Anselm College

About Agamemnon

“Thank you again for the brilliant production of Agamemnon. There are a few reasons I keep coming back and each of them is compelling. First and foremost, you understand what is important to high school students and teachers. You put on plays that appeal to young people but also challenge them. You do this at a great price that allows us to be all-inclusive. Best of all, though, are the performances and this (production) did not disappoint. You chose one of my favorite plays, something I have been dreaming of since my junior year in college, and then you surprised me with a translation even better than the one I had always been taught was ‘the best.’ The Q&A at the end really sold them (students) on the professionalism of the actors. They may never know how lucky they are, getting brilliant productions of live, classical theater in rural New Hampshire! May it never end.”

About Oedipus Rex

Poster for Oedipus Rex, 2010
Oedipus Rex, 2010

“The cast of the drama was excellent: believable, clear, competent- they sold the play! The set was sleek, appropriate, innovative! All aspects of reserving, ordering, reception etc. were handled seamlessly. “

Faculty, Bishop Guertin High School

“Excellent. we really enjoyed your production of Oedipus. The day after attending I did a quick five minute free write on the lessons being taught in the play and was really impressed with the student’s ability to respond. It was a valuable field trip!”

Faculty, Kingswood Regional High School

“The Acting was first rate. Oedipus was excellent! The costumes were terrific.”
The reservation system: “Very helpful and accommodating.”

Faculty, Nashua High School North

“My students as well as the chaperones, were very impressed with the acting. The play stayed true to form, very impressive.”
The reservation system: All were quite friendly and it was easy to reserve for a large Group.”

Faculty, Mystic Valley School

“What I liked best was the sense of history implicit in the (live) pre-show music, it really set the tone for the performance. Costumes were awesome; they lent an air of reality. I really loved Tieresias! What a great twist to have a female in the role.”

Faculty, Lisbon Reg. High School

“My students loved the clarification of the text in the script. They noticed the subtle changes that made it easier to understand. They lauded the  performances especially Oedipus. “

Faculty, John Stark Reg. High School

“The production was splendid in every way. The acting, direction, costumes, choreography, music and sets all worked together to produce an experience of shattering emotional intensity!”

Patron, Claremont, NH

About Macbeth

” Our students truly enjoyed this excellent performance. The acting was good – special kudos to Lady Macbeth! The lighting was fantastic – costumes great!”

Faculty, Newfound Regional High School

“It was very well done. For many of the students,  it was their first professional theatre experience. They really enjoyed the experience! The technical aspects were very effective. The promotional posters were fantastic!”

The Franklin Opera House

About ‘POEms, Poetry and Prose of Edgar Allan Poe’

“For such complex works, the interpretations of Poe’s poetry and prose were outstanding. The movement and speech of the actors was precise and beautifully portrayed. For students as young as mine (7th grade), they were able to piece together Poe’s works and have a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature due to the wonderful performances. The simplicity of design: the dimmed lighting, the faint musical sound perfectly cued, and the addition of one or two props left viewers to the inventiveness of their imaginations. These elements added to the horror and suspense of Poe’s work.”

Locke Middle School, Billerica, MA

“Wonderful. The actors were terrific as usual. For most of the students this was the first professional performance they have seen. They really enjoyed it. It brought the stories and poems of Poe alive for them. At first the students didn’t understand why the stage was so sparse but once the actors began, their focus was on the actors and their performance not the set. Lighting and props were great!
(Reservation system) All terrific. I look forward to the upcoming production mailings. The theatre is flexible with reservations and payment. It’s easy to get in touch with someone when needed.

West High School, Manchester, NH